A Thanksgiving to Remember

I helped make this sound board mobile application for a class as part of a three-person group. I personally made all of the art assets (characters, backgrounds and items) in Photoshop and Illustrator, created all of the animations in Flash, and voiced the turkey using a Zoom H4N. For this project, my group decided to go the more traditional route with a twist. The first initial week was half spent making a design document (which included making a mood board, concept art, and a description of the project) and finalizing details while the rest of it was spent working on making art assets and creating the dialogue and sounds used throughout the application. By the end of the first week, the application was basically made but we were given a second week to do revisions in which we added animations and updated some of the art assets, sounds, and worked on the code.

The title screen for the application.
Click and drag food to get a character response!
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